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For the 2008 film version of Speed Racer, Snake Oiler's look was completely changed. This was due to a pending lawsuit by the family of Haro Bora, who had heard rumors that the character of Snake Oiler character had been based on the legend of Haro Bora. To avoid the lawsuit (and more imporantly paying royalties to the Bora family), the Wachowski Brothers completely changed look of the character.

From Wikipedia:

"In the live action movie, Snake has completely changed in appearance. Since they never existed in the film, he is no longer part of the Car Acrobatic Team. However, in homage to the Car Acrobatic Team, Snake is leader of his own racing team, named "Hydra-Cell". He wears large sunglasses and sports a black pompadour. His racing uniform is made entirely of snake skin (complete with a yellow snake on his helmet) and his car is completely orange. Despite the change in appearance, Snake's car number and attitude are still intact in the film."