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From Wikipedia:

"In the anime, Captain Terror's character exists, but as separate entity. A new character named Snake Oiler replaces Captain Terror in terms of hotheaded attitude. Embroidered with an "S" on his uniform and tinted visor on his striped helmet, Snake Oiler drives the number 12 car, similar in appearance to the other cars in the Car Acrobatic Team. The role Captain Terror had in the manga was lifted on to the Snake Oiler character, therefore Captain Terror's role in the Alpine Race was replaced with Snake. Although Snake didn't exist in the original manga, he was more notable in the West due to his appearance in the anime.

In the next-to-last episode of the original series, the Car Acrobatic Team and Speed are tricked into racing against each other in a grudge race by a terrorist organization hoping to use the race as a means to kill Speed and Racer X. After the two sides learn of the deception (which involved planting time bombs in the Car Acrobatic Team's cars), they agree to a truce in order to foil the plan. The Car Acrobatic Team park their cars around the terrorists' secret headquarters and the explosion destroys the building and kills the leaders. After that, Speed and Captain Terror part amicably, with Terror wishing Speed the best of luck next time they meet. Snake Oiler does not appear in the episode."


"The Car Acrobatic Team first appears in the Speed Racer story arc "The Most Dangerous Race" (consisting of The Most Dangerous Race (Part 1), The Most Dangerous Race (Part 2), and The Most Dangerous Race (Part 3)). Here, they send seven elite racers (among which is Snake Oiler) to compete in the Alpine Race, and all are assumed dead due to poor handling of the lethal layout of the race's course, and not appearing later. Though it never actually says for sure, it is most likely that Snake Oiler died after his car exploded due to an oil leak. His dying words were "We'll get revenge." After this, the team becomes ravenous for revenge of their defeat at Speed Racer's hands and appear in handfuls of other episodes as villains. Snake appears once in the episode "The Trick Race", while Captain Terror addresses them, revealing his plans for revenge against Speed. However, this was most likely a flashback in the Japanese version of Mach GoGoGo."